Best Laid Plans

Here we are, the Friday before Christmas.  I thought that I would have my shopping done and that I would have a bit of rest before we start the Christmas weekend.  I was wrong…again.

For years, I was always disappointed with myself that I hadn’t done Advent in the right way.  I chucked that thought out the window when the Littles were little.  I know there isn’t a right way, I’m just pretty sure I’m not supposed to be going 100mph with my hair on fire, careening towards Christmas.

Now that the kids have decided that Nutcracker is a worthy event to pursue, that is exactly what I feel like I have been doing for the last four years.  I keeping thinking to myself, “This will work out.  I just need to do….”  Yes, it works out, just not in the way that I had planned.

We have worked a week of a house of girls down with the stomach flu.  That was the same week that Steve was gone visiting his family.  That was also the week before the Nutcracker.  It couldn’t have been a nice calm week before the Nutcracker storm.

I played catch up with the house and the kids’ school work that following week.  Not the plan, but I have to be flexible, right?  That resulted in Denise being in full melt down mode last Friday night.  I had done a bit of Christmas shopping, but didn’t have a good plan.

Here we are on the Friday of the third week of Advent.  I am having a bit of rest.  I am finishing up my Christmas cards.  Some have gone out in the mail.  Most of them haven’t yet.  I hear the sound of my KitchenAid mixer going.  That means Allegra is busy baking.  I hear the voices of my Grandflowers playing.  They are hanging out with us today.  There is a water leak at their house.  Steve is taking care of that.  Theresa and Bryce are at the laundrymat.

See?  Best laid plans.  I know what I had planned.  I’m not sure what the detours in my December were supposed to teach me.  Today, I am having a restful day, with children I love dearly and Grandflowers who fill my heart.  kids


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